Zain provides the integrated eSIM chip in full digital format without human intervention

Zain Saudi Arabia announced the availability of the eSIM service to the official users in the Kingdom, so that they can obtain a new number without the hassle of buying a new card and placing it in the device. The eSIM feature allows access to more than one line on the same device, and the ability to customize the functions of each line according to the use of communications and data.

The feature now supports Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro tablet, as well as Huawei devices that recently arrived P40 and P40 Pro, Google Pixel 3, 3XL, Pixel 4 , And 4XL pixels.

Zain’s integrated electronic chip service is characterized by being working on the full 5G networks, and the company allows it to subscribe to it through a weekly package of 29 riyals with unlimited local minutes, 5 GB of data, and 5 riyals of application credit. As well as a monthly package worth 99 riyals with unlimited local minutes, 40 GB of data, and 20 riyals of application credit.

Zain SA - Apps on Google Play

Users who want to obtain an electronic chip on their mentioned devices can download the Zain application, then request the electronic chip without the need to contact the company or the representative to activate the line.

After opening the application, you can click on the eSIM card option to obtain the packages and choose the appropriate ones, and then choose the appropriate number from the list of numbers shown, and after completing the step another page will appear to fill in the personal data and upon completion of the step you can click on the next, then a page will appear to complete the process and payment.

Once the payment process is successful, the user will be transferred to the activation page and from there to the Absher application to document the purchase process, and then a page will appear with new options to complete the activation by installing the number on the same phone or on a different phone and a scan of the QR code, and thus the purchase and activation process has been completed By the company.

But to enjoy the advantages of the electronic chip on other phones, the role of activating it comes by scanning the QR code by going to the settings and then going to a cellular option, and then adding a cellular plan, and scanning the code that we got when registering, and after the success of the step is clicked on Add a plan Cellular and define it as a secondary plan in the event of possession of a primary line, and then determine whether it will be used for data or communication and other benefits mainly.

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