Samsung unveils ISOCELL GN1 sensor 50MP and fast focus feature

Samsung revealed a new sensor, ISOCELL GN1, with a resolution of 50 megapixels – less than its last sensor found in the Samsung S20 Ultra, with a resolution of 108 megapixels – which is, of course, evidence that the high resolution of the sensor may not necessarily mean better performance of the camera.

The Samsung ISOCELL GN1 50 MP sensor comes in 1 / 1.3 inch and a relatively large pixel size of 1.2 microns to help effectively show clearer pictures in low light environment.

The sensor also comes with dual pixel autofocus technology which is very similar to the fast autofocus feature of DSLR cameras; Even in very low light conditions, the sensor is able to focus on the body very efficiently, according to Samsung.

In addition to the above, the sensor supports Samsung Tetracell technology, according to which 4 pixels can be combined into one unit to give an accurate performance and a clearer picture in low light within the standard by reducing the image resolution to 12.5 pixels while increasing the polarization of light by four times higher.

Samsung unveils ISOCELL GN1 50MP sensor with fast focus

The new Samsung sensor comes in the competition arena against the Sony IMX 689 sensor currently used in the OnePlus 8, while it will be available on the upcoming Vivo phone, according to the latest leaks.

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