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Drive Ahead! MOD APK is a classic arcade game where a player gets to experience a furious car racing battle. It is a thrilling adventure game in which you can drive different vehicles such as off-road vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks, and many more.

Dodreams Ltd made this game simply as a fighting game based on car collisions. The game is hugely popular because of the originality, various modes, unique combat, amazing graphics to make the look game look realistic. The technical features of this game are quite interesting. You can also select the level of difficulty in which you want to play.

You’re free to choose the type of car you want to fight on the deadly racetracks and various obstacles with many different vehicles. You need to move your car to strike the car or fall on the opponent’s car, so the car can immediately explode, and you can win.


The levels of the game are easily displayed on your mobile device. The gameplay is quite interesting with a lot of audiences there for you. Cars move on the ground, and the metal surface will break into pieces. You have to destroy your opponent’s vehicle. You can destroy the vehicle by Directly hitting the car or setting a trap to look like an accident.

Touch right or left to control, swipe upward to help the car jump. A player has to defeat the enemy at least five times, whereas a time frame is given. If the time slot is not completed, circular saws began to fall from the ceiling, determining the final winner. To win the game, you have to master the car and the game’s tracks.

Speed is not the key for this game. Some of the tracks are full of fire, flames, and bombs, ready to explode the cars at any time. You may lose because of your exceeding speed so mastering the roads and control is an important thing to avoid mistakes.

Features of Drive Ahead! MOD APK

Following are the features that you will enjoy while playing Drive Ahead! APK MOD.

MOD features

A “craft” icon is given in the game with which you can craft anything you want, either you have money or not. You will get unlimited money in the MOD version of the Drive Ahead!. There is also a no-ads feature in the MOD version.


Drive Ahead! APK is based on pixel graphics. Although the game does not support any high image quality, it has many crazy effects, realistic movements, etc. Pixel graphics are used to reduce the violence of the game. Every detail is shown on the screen, and there is no violent content, i.e., blood and gore.


The control of the game and the control of the car itself are very easy. You need to select the left and right direction, and you can make your enemy explode by using the head-crushing phase.


Drive Ahead! features amazing graphics; you can see yourself playing in a stadium. You can see the stands around you, the audience, and a big screen showing the match. The audience cheering up for you will give you a realistic feel, and it somehow boosts the player’s confidence.

Types of vehicles

Drive Ahead! MOD APK features cars and many vehicles such as terrain vehicles, tanks, garbage trucks, and racing cars. The vehicles used in the game have their specialties; you have to use those strengths to beat your opponents.

Complete the challenges

If you are a brave driver, try to take part in challenges as it will be a great way to crush your opponents. These challenges will boost your points, and you also get a reward at the end.

Beat your opponent

This game is not like other racing games the way you crush your opponents. It feels like Olympics when you can see the audience’s enthusiasm, the lighting system, and the sounds.


A player has to complete missions and receive multiple rewards. At the end of every match, you will receive a coin as a reward. These coins are used to unlock and upgrade vehicles or some of the packages in this game.

In a match, there are five levels and a reward at the end. There are two rewards from which a player can choose; the available reward and the bigger reward. A player can watch the whole video and claim the bigger reward.

Unlock cars

In the starting, you are given a box to unlock a vehicle. When you earn some money, you can buy the cars which are locked. Each car has its specialty. More precisely, big cars have the advantage of their enormous size, but small cars are speedy and flexible. Some of the classic cars are Monster truck, Antique F1, Banana Car, Beast, etc.

Playing history

The game also saves your playing history. Drive Ahead! encourages you to record each game session for playback if needed. You can also post these clips on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Modes of Drive Ahead! MOD APK

A player can play in a single mode to practice his skills and when more points to buy new vehicles. In multiplayer mode, a player can play along with friends. The player can also play with others by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Other popular modes are boss hunt and king of the hill.

It is the most exciting mode to compete with other players. Every week you can compete with players from all over the world.

Rift Riders

The most popular mode is rift riders. The players can play a knock-out match and win exciting prizes. By participating, players will unlock many exclusive gadgets such as trips and unique vehicles.

Mission stadiums

This place is a huge stadium where you can receive rewards. In mission stadiums, you can also avoid robots and aliens.

What’s new in the Drive Ahead! MOD APK Latest Version?

This game is really popular in fighting action games. The new version of the Drive Ahead! MOD APK features lots of coins in the battle arena. The player can choose the helmet of his own choice, will get boss hunt, Rift riders, etc.

New, improved mechanics are introduced in Formula, Horse, Sawbot, and the egg mobile. The graphics are more improved as compared to the previous version.

How to download Drive Ahead! MOD APK?

Below is the method to download the MOD APK version of Drive Ahead!.

  • Click on the download button given below.
  • Go to settings, and allow the permission for “unknown sources”.
  • Once the downloading is complete, place the file where you want to save it.
  • Open the file and click on the install button.
  • Installation is complete. Enjoy!


Drive Ahead! is an amazing racing and fighting game. The game features over 3000 different fighting vehicles. It does not have any violent content, such as blood or gore, and with pixel graphics, the game is even more fun to play. Having exciting gameplay and tracks around you, you can prove to be a professional driver to your opponents.

Overall, this is an adventurous game with which you can experience dangerous driving and tracks. If you get bored of regular racing games, you should experience it.


Do I get all the cars unlocked in the MOD version of Drive Ahead!?

No, Drive Ahead! MOD has not unlocked all the vehicles yet. But players can choose the car they want with the unlimited money they have.

Can I play Drive Ahead! MOD APK with my friend?

You can invite your friend to play this game. If the screen is too small for two players to play together, you can also play by connecting through a Wi-Fi connection.

Do I get unlimited life in the MOD version of Drive Ahead!?

Unlimited lives are not unlocked yet in the MOD version. Only no-ads and unlimited money are available for the ease of players.

How can I install the Drive Ahead! MOD APK game for free?

Drive Ahead! is a free game for iOS and Android. Even the MOD version is free of cost. You can easily download the game from the above-given button without paying a single dollar.


  • New Battle Mode
  • Customize your Characters
  • Smash Your Enemy with Cars
  • Two-player Retro Racing Battle


  • Takes time to Load in Some Devices

Change Log


Do you need a floating vehicle for a Roadtrip mission? Do you wish to beat a giant Rift Riders Boss with a small car and skill? Is the only way to satisfy your appetite for motor oil and metal to take a bite out of your opponent’s wreck?

Then our car trait specific containers are your solution. Get a carnivore car or whatever you need to triumph or just have laughs with friends.

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