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Dragon Village MOD APK is a fantastic simulation game. We all have heard the name of dragons, and it reminds us of dragon cartoons and movies because they were an important part of history. We all know and studied in history that the people in past eras worshiped supernatural powers.

As time passes, everything is developed. Finally, people realized that dragons are mythical creatures, and there is no real world. When everyone knows about this reality, people want to become more interested in dragons, and they start to make designs of dragons.

Dragons are a great source of entertainment in cartoons and animated movies. Many people in different countries make millions of dollars from these dragons. Moreover, dragons are also highly demanded game products. Children and adults love to play dragons games.

Amongst all the amazing and successful games, Dragon Village is one of the best games. Dragon Village MOD APK is a simulation game and provides you the high-quality images. You will get unlimited features in this game, such as unlimited money, gems, coins, and many more.

The game looks simple, but it will give you a feel of professional gaming when you start playing. Many people from all around the world have downloaded this game and getting entertainment by playing this game.

The specialty of this game is that you have to feed, raise, and breed your dragons to make them powerful dragons with unique abilities.

Magic Dragon Village MOD APK gameplay

Magic Dragon Village MOD APK is one of the finest games. The players get a superb chance in this game to show their hidden talent and explore the dragon world. Furthermore, the players have to play with the dragons and look after them. Finally, they have to design a village for the dragon full of mythical and magical creatures.

The world is full of dragons, and they are the dominant power there. The players will have to make their Dragon Village powerful so that enemies can not destroy it. You have to hatch the dragon eggs and raise them into a powerful dragons.

In addition, breed your dragons and, as a result, unlock the new species. It helps you to become more powerful. The player has to train their dragons with different challenges, and after that, you can take your dragon’s armies and win difficult challenges. In winning, you will get awards and many prizes.

You can also create your ultimate roaster by merge the abilities of your trained dragons. You can enjoy this game online and offline also.

Features of Dragon Village MOD APK

The fabulous features of this game are:

Create your Dragon Village

Start creating and your own Dragon Village. You can design it the way you want. It will be a great opportunity for you to work with many buildings because they have a different effect on the land.

Players can also create habitats for dragons to live peacefully. When you complete the different levels or challenges, you will get access to different buildings. These are the main source of earning dragon resources and other breeds.

Moreover, you will get a lot of options while creating the Dragon Village. Therefore, use maximum options to make your Dragon Village enlarge fastly.

Interact with other dragons

After creating your Dragon Village, the players can interact with the other dragons or villagers. They will have fun while interacting and can also develop their bonding with their favorite dragons. Furthermore, it will help them to assign the other dragons the construction work easily.

In this way, you can quickly build more and more buildings that are another way of winning the game and earning different resources.

Build your roaster

You can also build your ultimate roaster to fight with other dragons. The benefit of creating the roaster is that you will have different dragons with unique skills that will help you a lot while fighting.

Moreover, you can also win different challenges with your amazing squad. It will give you a great gaming experience, and you will get hooked on this game.


The game has stunning 3D graphics. All of these graphics are very beautiful, and you will also get incredible designs for Dragon Villages. Enjoy this game with a huge variety of dragons with their unique skills and expressions.

The visual effects and animations used in this game are also fantastic and make the game more entertaining.

Unlimited money

You will need money for every step of this game, such as creating a Dragon Village and interacting with other dragons. But in Dragon Village, you will have money to win the challenges that are not enough to upgrade your level.

In this MOD APK, you will get unlimited money. You can use it to create a Dragon Village beautifully or interact with other dragons with unique skills.

Daily gifts

Some of the players did not get the time to play the game, but they love to get gifts. Here is the solution to every problem. The players can get gifts by being active in this game. Whenever you get time, you can open the game and win your exciting gifts. Moreover, you will also get interesting prizes every week to play.

Unlimited coins and gems

In this MOD APK, you will also access unlimited gems and coins.

Completely Free

Dragon Village MOD APK, with its amazing and premium features, is available for free to everyone.

Offline gameplay

In Dragon Village MOD APK, offline mode is also available. It allows you to play the game and have entertainment at any time without any internet connection.

Crossbreed option

The crossbreed option is one of the amazing options. It helps you win the game as it allows two dragons to fall in love, and then they will produce new dragons or species. Must try the breeding options to get a fantastic variety of powerful dragons in your village.

How to download Dragon Village MOD APK?

The steps of downloading this MOD APK are given below:

  • First, you have to uninstall the old version of Dragon Village.
  • Then click on Dragon Village MOD APK Download button below.
  • Now, open your mobile phone settings and allow unknown sources.
  • Open the downloaded link and install it on your mobile device.
  • It will not take more than 2 to 3 minutes to install.
  • When this MOD APK is completely installed into your device, open Dragon Village MOD APK and enjoy the exciting features.

Interesting facts about Dragon Village MOD APK

Some of the interesting facts about this game are:

Make new friends

In this game, you will need other players to make a strong team of dragons with unique abilities. It helps you make a strong bond with other players, leading to a good relationship later.

Boost creative thinking

When the players hatch a new egg or train it or get involved in different activities, such as building the Dragon Village, the players will use different techniques and strategies to boost their creative thinking.

Moreover, it is an adventurous game that will help you build your Dragon Village more creatively than other players.

Promotes exciting learning

Dragon Village MOD APK promotes exciting learning. The players can set some rules to play this game, and their goal is to create their dragon world. It mainly focuses on the learning outcomes of players.

Moreover, these games motivate the players to spend most of their time on adventurous and simulation games.

Kill your boredom

Many people start doing wrong things in their free time to kill their boredom. But we are here to kill your boredom with some exciting and adventurous games. You can easily play this game for long hours without getting bored. It will also help you in many other learning activities and improve your creative skills.


Dragon Village MOD APK is a fabulous game with MOD features. You will get everything unlocked in Dragon Village MOD APK. Download this game and enjoy the creativity. Furthermore, please share it with your friends and family so that they can also have access to such a superb game.



Is Dragon Village MOD APK free to play?

Yes, it is free for playing. You can play it online and offline completely free. So, you do not have to spend money on the original version of Dragon Village.

What is the kind of this game?

Dragon Village MOD APK is a simulation game in which you have to create your world of dragons.

What are the MOD features of Dragon Village MOD APK?

The MOD features of this game are unlimited money, resources, coins, and gems.

Is Dragon Village MOD APK safe to play?

Yes, it is safe to play on any device. Many players think that they may get viruses on their mobile phones. But in this MOD APK, their privacy and security settings are safe.


  • Beautiful art style
  • Convenient Auto Feature
  • Game Is Amazing And Nostalgic


  • Hard To Level Up The Capsule Dragon

Change Log

5.4.09 update
-Hangawi event update
-New dragons added
-Server upgrade
-Fix the typo
-Minor bug fix

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Dragon Village APK V13.0.1 – (Unlimited Coins/Money) Free5.4.09

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