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Call of Duty mobile MOD APK is a video game based on World War 2. This game was found in 2003. The Call of Duty game has unique and advanced features, like graphics and tools that make this game unique compared to other games.

Modified app apps have advanced features like original video games. For example, the Call of Duty mobile MOD app has features to attract an audience. This Call of Duty mobile MOD APK has an aimbot, reduced interferences, a better healing processor, and much more. Let’s know more about it in detail.

Download Call of Duty MOD APK

You can easily download the MOD APK version, but you must delete the previous Call of Duty mobile game. You can find the Call of Duty MOD APK file of 80 MBs by clicking on the button below. In MOD APK, you can play and enjoy many unlocked features easily.

After the download is complete, ‘Allow’ installation from the unknown sources and run the downloaded APK file. Now the Call of Duty MOD APK is successfully installed on your device.

App Details

  • Name: Call of Duty Mobile
  • File Size: 80 MB + 1.34 GB OBB File
  • Version: v1.0.11 [Latest]
  • Developers: Activision Publishing, Inc
  • Downloads: 50,000,000+
  • Category: Action Games

Features of Call of Duty MOD APK

Call of Duty MOD APK is a famous game worldwide due to its exclusive features. People admire its next-level game features. This game is safe and free to play. It is convenient to play on Android or all other devices.

In this MOD APK version, many features and characters are unlocked, like clothes and weapons. Here we will discuss all characteristics and details of the Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK.

Unlocked characters

In this MOD version, at the same time, all characters are unlocked. In the original version, to unlock characters, you need to play game levels. But in this MOD APK, you can unlock the characters and easily get them.

In the original app, it is a very difficult process to unlock the characters and features. You can not make the team in the original version, but in MOD APK, you can make the team and unlock all characters simultaneously.


Aimbot is a very exclusive feature of this game. In this feature, you can destroy your enemies in a single shot. But in the original version, you can not kill an enemy in one shot. And by using this feature, you can kill enemies from a distance too.

You can automatically target your enemy. This feature seems difficult to beginners because the aimbot feature needs practice to play. But in the end, when you have a grip on the aimbot feature, then you can easily kill the enemy.

No root required

Many video games and apps need you to root your device to run the moded versions. But, in this moded version, you do not need to go through all the rooted processes; you can install it directly. All kinds of obstacles are removed from the Call of Duty MOD APK version. You can easily download it and enjoy it. Now, this MOD app is available for Android users but not available for the iOS version.

No reload

This MOD APK version has the auto-reloading ability. Other versions do not have auto-reloading; they require time for reloading, so the enemy can kill you at this time.

In the autoloading option, you can save time and target your enemy very fast. You do not need manual tasks; you can focus on your enemy. As a result, you can kill a higher number of enemies easily and complete your level.

COD points

COD points are required for unlocking the features and leveling up the game. COD points are important for progression. These points are helping in weapons. You can unlock weapons and stuff. The Call of Duty MOD APK version gives you unlimited COD points for the game.

The better and useful use of COD points makes the game easier. You can level up your game, and you can gain higher points easily.

Anti-Ban Properties

It is a very exclusive feature. With the anti-Ban feature, developers can not lock or ban your account. In some MOD versions, developers can ban your account, but in this MOD APK version, you do not need to worry about this. However, it is a common issue in other apps; anyone can report you or hack your account.

Online modes

In this multiplayer game, you can play it with your friend’s group. In this feature, players can build a team. You can achieve more chances and level up by playing in teams. This MOD APK version of Clash of Clans does not crash. You need to install an app file or OBB file in this app for all these amazing features. When you get it, you can enjoy all the amazing features.

Critical Tips about the Call of Duty MOD APK

You can achieve high goals and points by following all hacks and tricks. Call of Duty APK is about killing enemies and gaining more COD points. All tips and tricks are useful for winning the game. You can easily solve all obstacles. But you need to spend all COD points wisely. Here we will discuss all tips and tricks for leveling up and winning the game.

Choose the right shooting mode

There are two shooting modes in the Call of Duty MOD APK game; you can select any one mode. One is the simple mode, and the second one is the manual mode.

Simple mode

Simple mode is usually for beginners and newbies. In the simple mode, you can target and kill your enemies automatically. All target and killing systems are automatic. But it is not useful compared to manual mode because you can miss the targets due to automatic mode.

Manual mode

Manual mode is more useful because the manual mode system is in your control, in which you can kill your enemies by pushing the button. In addition, in manual mode, there are rare chances of losing your ammo and target.


This feature is available only in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can use a drone for missiles in progression. Players use missiles to target and kill their enemies. When all enemies are killed, then you can unlock the next level of Call of Duty. You can use a drone to detect the positions of enemies. By detecting the positions, you can kill the enemies easily.

Upgrading weapons

By using this tool, you will become an advanced player. In this feature, there are a variety of weapons you can use, like stocks and magazines. To use this feature, you need to understand which weapon will be used for the next target or killing mission. Upgrading the weapons will help you in the progression of the game.

Height falling tip

In the Call of Duty game, when a player falls from height, his health power decreases. His killing chances increase. If a player falls straight from a height, it will be dangerous for their survival. If he falls and starts gliding towards the ground, it will be fine. This feature helps the player land in a comfortable place; then, you can kill the enemies and hide easily.

Optical settings for graphics

In this feature, you can kill enemies in a few seconds and level up your game. You can select the optical resolution and switch off the HDR. This strategy will help you in playing and killing the enemies. In addition, HDR and optical resolution will help you in connecting with the server. Turning to ultra HD mode will help you target the opponent.

Characters and their classes

There are many characters you can choose from. Every character has its own importance. Here we will discuss these characters.

  • Scot

Scot characters are very exclusive. In Scot, there are two boosts; you can easily detect the footprints in one of them. In another one, there are sensor darts, which will help in highlighting the player vicinity.

  • Medic

In this character, you can set up a medical store for help. In addition, you can build a circle around the player’s character. Other game players can recover by joining this circle. This character will help you in your progression.

  • Defender

The Defender character is amazing. This character helps the player in creating the shields for the defense. Defender characters can send this anywhere. This character boosts up players’ energy and strategy and helps in progression. All characters help you become the best and advanced gamer.


In Call of Duty MOD APK, you can get all the weapons and characters unlocked. When everything is unlocked for free, it becomes easy for the player to level up and defeat the opponents. Also, the game becomes more exciting. So try it out and don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like it.


  • Great Gun Customization
  • Many Game modes With Every Season
  • Great Gaming Experience in Mobile


  • It May Take More Space to Give Best Performance.

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Call of Duty APK v1.0.30 Latest Version Free – (Unlimited Money)

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