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Airline Commander MOD APK is the most popular game worldwide developed by Rortos. In this game, you can learn about airline skills. As an Airline Commander, you have the opportunity to play a role as a pilot and gain experience.

After the job, you can build your airline. You will transport the passengers to their destinations. The plane will be in your control. You can take off and land the plane with your device. The Airline Commander system will notify you when you need to fly lower and higher from the track.

AirLine Commander MOD APK

The Airline Commander game is developed based on reality. When you complete your one flight, you will receive a reward or points at every level. Here we will discuss all qualities and features of the Airline Commander MOD APK.


Technical Details

  • The Airline Commander MOD APK flight simulator has control tower communication to control and help the traffic in the air.
  • It has advanced takeoff and landing opportunities with ILS (instrument landing system).
  • It displays methods like navigation display and primary flight display.
  • In MOD APK, planes have advanced engine systems.
  • All planes have fuel management, fuel releasing, APU, real consumption, stall, and machine pressure.
  • You can change your mode on autopilot. Autopilot can control all flights automatically, like speed, altitude, vertical direction, and speed.
  • In APK MOD, you can easily handle the sensor’s failure, engines, ASM, and fuel tanks.
  • It has high-quality radars and breaks.
  • MOD APK has an anti-ice system so you can tolerate windy and foggy weather. 
  • You can handle tire faults and fire problems.

How to install Airline?

Airline Commander MOD APK is a very interesting game. For the MOD APK version, you must uninstall the Airline Commander original version. Then you can download Airline Commander MOD APK from our website.

  • Before the download, change your mobile settings. Go to settings and click on enable unknown source.
  • Now open the downloaded Airline Commander MOD APK file on your Android device.
  • Click on the install option.
  • When the installation process is completed, then you can enjoy your game.

Airline Commander MOD APK

Unlimited AC credits

In this game, AC credits are used. You need many AC credits to complete and win the game. You can get AC credits by spending your money. You can get unlimited AC credits and money in the MOD APK version. In the original version, you get limited AC credits or money.

In this game, you can create an airline and learn how to fly the plane. After completion of one level, you can unlock the next level. You can choose any top-class plane by AC credits. You can manage and build new airlines by getting the license.


Realistic Graphics

The developer made this game very beautiful and realistic. 3D graphics and effects make this game amazing and mind-blowing. Light effects and graphics quality give this game endless popularity. In this game, all world and airport stations and the beauty of the sky are designed exclusively.

It is a sandbox game; the pilot can easily explore the world. These things make the airline game so realistic and amazing. Players can change the effects of the game as they want. 


Innovative Designs

The Airline Commander game has many relaxation elements. Airline Commander missions are very engaging, and you can get money in your game account. In the next version, few training institutes will be open in the game to train the players. Then their ranks and level will also increase according to their abilities.

Airline Commander MOD APK has different and wonderful effects. These effects make the game very realistic and give a genuine feel to the player. These effects change according to the state of the plane. Players can customize these effects according to their desire. They also can change layout and designs.

In this game, players concentrate their work to earn money and reward. Each player has their contract at the airport. They travel in the air by permission. All contacts are of different types.

Some are for shipping or merchandise. When players complete their contracts within time limits, then they can unlock the next levels. These all opportunities make them high level and experienced player. 


Customize Your Plane

There are unlimited planes for exploration. In Airline Commander MOD APK, aircraft are divided into types; one is for commercial use, and the other is for transport use. Players can customize their planes easily. The player can select aircraft like old school, propeller, stunt.

Each aircraft has its features and characteristics like performance, design, and control system. The player can customize their aircraft with their favorite design and color.

Airline Commander MOD APK has many features to explore. This game provides the skill of flying and managing the plane. By customizing your plane, you can explore more worlds. Exploring the world makes you more experienced. You will face more challenges and earn more money.


In the Airline Commander MOD APK, you can get a license as a reward. You must complete all challenges and prove yourself to get the license. It all depends on the challenges or difficulties which license you deserve.

If you face very troublesome conditions while fighting or flying in the sky, you will get a license according to your challenge. All these challenges will make you a boss. Licenses make you an experienced pilot. You can deal with every problem easily.


Realistic Game

Airline Commander is a realistic game. When you are playing, you will feel you are handling a plane in real life. All 3D graphics and music tracks make this game so amazing and real.

When you are flying the plane, you will face storms and strong winds as real. So you should change your ways. This kind of weather may cause engine failure. In this critical situation, you should find a safe area for landing.

You will also face tire problems, and you can not take off the flight and land it. In the radar problem, you can not determine and find your direction. You should check your plane before taking off and landing. 


Airplane Models

In Airline Commander MOD APK, you can choose any plane like small, medium, or large. There are more than 30 models of airplanes available. Completing more challenges means getting more money. Then you can easily buy planes and fill your airline with modern plane models.

Other Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlocked all features
  • More than 100 levels
  • Unlocked all planes
  • Unlocked all credits
  • There are many airlines to construct their turbines and many routes to all airports of the world.
  • In the MOD APK version, all graphics are more amazing and real. The airport has satellite tv for recording photographs and maps.
  • Modern and improved flight system.
  • Use SID and Star for the takeoff method with a backward system.
  • In this game, you will feel totally different with the moon, satellites, and stars.
  • You can customize your airline after completing the challenges.
  • In the MOD APK version, you can fly your plane in windy and cold weather.


Is MOD APK Useful?

Airline Commander APK is a simulation game in which you can learn and experience new stuff. This game provides you an opportunity to realize and experience the life of a pilot. This game is full of surprises and adventures to make it realistic. It is the best opportunity for those who love the airline system.

You will enjoy every level of Airline Commander MOD APK. In MOD APK, you will get unlimited money and AC credits. You can choose any plane model. You will also have almost all levels unlocked. But in the original version, there are limited coins and money; you can not buy and get anything.

So the Airline Commander MOD APK is worthy as compared to the original version. It is an authentic and safe version for use. It will not damage your device.


If you want to be a pilot in real life, but it is not possible, you can fulfill your dream virtually. With Airline Commander MOD APK, you can fly an airplane and build your airline too. The game will feel like you are flying an airplane in the real world. So try it out, and you will surely love it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


How can a player get more AC credits?

Airline Commander players can get more AC credits in the MOD APK version. Download Airline Commander MOD APK version for unlimited AC credits and money. You will enjoy this game more.

Why should I download Airline Commander MOD APK?

If you do not want to waste your money, download the MOD APK version of Airline Commander. With the MOD app version, you can get unlimited cash and credits.

Is Airline Commander MOD APK safe?

For installing this game, you do not need to root your phone or laptop. There is no virus or risk. It is 100% safe for installing and playing.


  • NO Ads
  • Great Graphics
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Outstanding Game Experience


  • Sometime It takes Too Much Time to Load

Change Log

Bug fixes

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